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About Us


iRangeX is a young and energetic company,which was created to meet the existing demands of the RC community by offering top value remote control technology such as transmitters, receivers, modules and much more.Our product developers work closely with RC enthusiasts,getting first hand feedback that is used to develop new products and to improve existing ones.


We firmly believe in open source and that the existing technologies can be offered at fair prices to enthusiasts and professionals.From our headquarters in Guangzhou,China,our young and energetic development team works diligently to transform the needs of our customers into successful products.


Among our best-known products are the iRangeX iRX-i6X,iRangeX IRX4,iRangeX RX800 and the tiny iRangeX RX803 which not only constitute excellent remote control solutions but they also come and the best prices in the market.